conversational russian lessons
  • You practise speaking and listening and get corrections
  • I provide you with useful vocabulary and grammar
  • You will better speak with and understand Russian people
  • Materials: audio, video, textbooks
  • Homework (only if you want): oral and written
  • Unlimited correspondence with me between lessons

Conversational Russian lessons

“I want to learn to speak Russian better, but I am not sure if I can do it”.

You can and you WILL!

I use a student-centred approach and you participate actively in your learning. It means that we don’t need to follow a textbook and cover all the topics, but the ones which are relevant to you. We choose topics that you need in your life and that you find interesting. We always take real and existing examples, which you can relate to your situation. Some of the topics are food, clothes, colours, free time, hobbies, your apartment, family. Talking about you and real situations will help you to memorize new words and phrases, and it will be more interesting. You will talk 80% of the time! In addition, as I am a native Russian teacher, you will hear how Russian people talk and be ready to talk with them in real life.

I also use methods such as active learning and inductive teaching, depending on your preferences. For example, if a question is challenging, but you want to find an answer on your own, I will give you the time you need to think and wait for your answer patiently. The content and delivery of instruction is culturally responsive, and respects and builds on the diverse resources and your experiences. You are challenged and supported in learning at your own level and at your own pace.

If you talk to your Russian relatives in your daily life, you can record the conversation (with their permission) and then, we can discuss it. What words do they use and why? How can you say this in a better way? Which expression can be used here? You will practice real-life Russian and strengthen your family bonds.

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