Russian as a foreign language – Testimonials

Russian as a foreign language is not just about learning grammar, vocabulary, phrases and structures, but also about learning how to use it in daily life, how to form meaningful sentences and express your ideas, and how to COMMUNICATE in Russian. 

As I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 11 years, I assure you that the teaching approach can make or break your learning success. 

The reason why my students are satisfied and achieve their goals is the approach I have, which helps them to save time and feel supported. 

I do care about your results and you can feel it. I choose suitable materials and tasks, and make the learning process enjoyable and appropriate to your learning objectives.

As in any foreign language, there are some difficulties. For example, if you struggle with pronunciation of particular letters, not only will I demonstrate and explain how to pronounce that letter, but also record audio and ask you to do the same and to compare. Also, I do not interrupt you while you are speaking in order not to ruin your fluency and self-confidence. However, I write corrections in the chat. In this way, you can talk freely, but still get all the corrections. 

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