tailor-made RUSSIAN lessons

Tailor-made Russian lessons – Achieve MORE in less time

I design lessons that are valuable, interesting and relevant to you and only you. From my personal experience as a language student, I know that if the lesson is boring, I don’t want to continue, my motivation decreases, and eventually I just want to give up. I don’t want you to give up learning Russian because of that.

That’s why I go an extra mile. I want to know you better, your likes and preferences, your personality and characteristics. When we choose topics in which you are interested in real life, you will remember new words and phrases more easily. We do authentic and practical tasks. I always try to find something interesting for you beyond textbooks. For instance, it can be a short video for discussion, based on the topic of our lesson.

Each lesson is specifically crafted following a thorough needs analysis and your level. In order to ensure that you learn natural, up-to-date Russian, I use materials from a wide range of sources, like films and songs. They are chosen to meet your specific needs and goals, and to help you understand Russian culture and Russian people.

What is more, I create materials exclusively for you: I record audio and make exercises that are related to our topic, so that you can learn vocabulary or practice grammar in a more effective way.

I use English in my lessons ( or just Russian if your level is B1+)

After each lesson, you get homework IF YOU WANT. It may be oral or written. You can email me when you have finished it. Your homework is marked before our next lesson; no lesson time is wasted on checking your exercises, meaning all our time is left for discussing your homework results, questions, as well as speaking practice (80% of the lesson), and working with new materials. You also receive notes from each lesson after it has finished. These notes help you remember the material we have covered in the lesson and let you revise it whenever you want.

*** As I always maintain the highest standard of lessons, I can offer a limited number of slots. Don’t miss your chance to save your time and energy, and learn Russian in the most effective way. Schedule your trial lesson now!

you tell me what you need

You tell me why you want to learn Russian and what your goals are. Do you want to pass an exam? Do you want to talk with your Russian relatives? Do you need Russian for your work?


For example, if it is an exam, you do a test and see your current level. If you want to practice conversation, you tell me which topics you like. I decide on the best way to achieve your goal.



After having collected all the necessary information, I choose materials for you according to your needs. Beside textbooks and articles, I create exercises and audio for each student individually.


You will always learn the things that are relevant to you and your life. Therefore, not only will you save your time and energy, but you will surely achieve your aim. More info about lessons


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