russian for beginners
  • Basic sentences, greetings, how to talk about your daily life
  • You will build vocabulary and grammar skills, and you will gain confidence to express your thoughts in Russian on your own
  • Materials: pictures, dialogues, audio, video and textbooks
  • Homework (only if you want): oral and written
  • Unlimited correspondence with me between lessons

Russian for beginners

Do you know that Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world with around 200 million speakers in 16 countries? Learning Russian opens up a lot of cultural and business options.

So, is Russian difficult? That is the question that I’ve been asked many times. My answer is: it is not super easy, it is a new language for you, but the process of learning Russian can be made easier if you deploy techniques that suit your learning style and personality. That’s why tailor-made lessons are recommended from the beginning. You learn in the way that is the most effective to you personally. You save your time and energy, and you achieve MORE in less time.

Everybody is different. Each of us learn better in a different way.

  • A visual learner: absorbs and retains information better when he is given pictures
  • An auditory learner: prefers listening and responds best to a voice
  • Discrete learners – their perception of information occurs mainly through logical comprehension, with the help of numbers, signs and logical arguments.
  • Kinesthetics are people who perceive most of the information through other senses (smell, touch, etc.) and with the help of movements, for example, writing.

According to your personal characteristics, I will design lessons that will help you to learn easier. I will give you a head start, so as to build your confidence and boost your motivation. I am a native Russian teacher, so you will learn the real Russian accent. I can explain the lesson material in simple words. Contrary to popular myth, Russian can be learnt. It is not impossible. The best proof are my students, who have already achieved their goals. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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