• I’m a FULLY QUALIFIED teacher
  • I’m a REAL EXPERT in teaching Russian, who KNOWS how to help you
  • I’m a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED teacher – 11 YEARS of experience
  • I know HOW to teach in Russian and non-Russian speaking environment
  • I focus on active spoken language and RELEVANT TOPICS with PRACTICAL GRAMMAR STRUCTURES

Native Russian Teacher

I use strategic teaching, the process of incorporating purposeful planning, connected strategies, and explicit instruction to maximize the understanding and retention of lesson content. I am always looking for ways to be more effective and efficient. I perfectly understand that Russian is not the central part of your life. Because of that, I do all I can to find easier ways of helping you to be successful. I am well prepared for our lesson, set clear and fair expectations, have a positive attitude, and assess my teaching on a regular basis. I am able to adjust my teaching strategies to fit both you and your learning objective, recognizing that different people learn in different ways.

I strive to motivate and engage you. I believe that each person is capable of achieving success in learning Russian according to his personal needs and capabilities, if he devotes the time and makes efforts. With my professional education and vast experience, no time is wasted because I know exactly what you need to learn and in which order, so as to save your time and energy.

I support lifelong learning, the self-initiated education that is focused on personal development. After getting my PhD degree in the Russian language, I have continued to develop as a professional.

My degrees and certificates:

2007 IVGY
PhD in the Russian language and literature
2009 RUDN
Certificate in teaching Russian as a foreign language
2017 Moscow State University
Examiner certificate for all levels (TRKI A1-C2) of Russian as a foreign language, citizenship and residence permit
2017 Saint Petersburg State University
Teaching Russian as a foreign language
2019 Kitaigorodskaya
Moscow Kitaigorodskaya school - The method of activating capabilities of an individual and a team
2019 PDL Certificate
A teaching method in which the essential and practical basics of PDL (Psychodramaturgie Linguistique) have been specifically adapted for language training
2021 Kitaigorodskaya
Module 2

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