Russian podcast for intermediate level, A2+, B1

Russian podcast for intermediate level, A2+, B1. Learn Russian through the lens of Russian culture!

Listening, one of the receptive skills, is very important for your overall knowledge of the Russian language. It is the skill that requires a lot of practicing.

The podcast ‘Native Russian Teacher’ will help you improve your listening skills in Russian. Not only is it beneficial for your language, but also you learn a lot of new things about Russian culture. You will broaden your horizons and embrace a new culture. It is easier to focus and learn Russian when the material is related to interesting facts about the country, isn’t it?

How to enjoy & learn Russian at the same time?

Before you start listening, you can predict some possible words that may be used because of your knowledge of lexical sets connected with the topic. Making a good prediction of the content will surely help you to make better sense of it when you listen. Rather than starting from scratch, it will fall neatly into your imagined framework. 

Remember, it is not important to understand every word. Don’t worry about that, just relax and listen. Try to get a general overview of the topic. This is called gist listening and it is the first step in the listening practice.

Always listen to the audio a few times. Even though you understand the general idea, It will help you to grasp details. When you listen more carefully, focus on smaller parts of the text, which have more complex meanings, and fine-tune your understanding. 

If you feel like it, you can write down some phrases that you’ve learned, and revise them later. If you struggle with a particular word, look it up in a dictionary. 

In addition, you can try to retell what you’ve remembered. 

Enjoy & learn Russian with the podcast Native Russian Teacher!

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