Online Russian teacher – kind and giving emotional support
Learning a new language is always a challenge. Not only does your brain need to construct new cognitive frameworks, but also you require sustained, consistent practice. 
As a language learner myself, I totally understand difficulties that you may encounter. While learning a language will never be 100 percent easy – nothing truly worthwhile is – it can definitely be enjoyable. I will do everything to support you during the process and help you achieve your goals. 

As your online Russian teacher, I will support you at every step of your Russian learning. I understand that Russian is not the most important thing for you and you have other things in your life. I actively listen and welcome your questions. I acknowledge your input and reflect on my own experience. I help you to dispel stress. It is fine to make mistakes, everybody does it. You make mistakes in your mother tongue, but you don’t take them seriously, so why would your Russian mistakes stress you out?

I am an extremely patient person. I know this is a new language for you and it is perfectly fine that you don’t understand something.

I can explain each thing in various ways, and repeat as much as you need, so always feel free to ask.

We will focus on your overall learning goal.

Why are you learning Russian? To communicate with family? For professional reasons? Hobby?  With your goal in mind, we will actively search for opportunities to learn what you need and filter out what you don’t.

You need motivation to repeatedly seek out new language learning experiences, and motivation has been consistently tied to your language learning success.

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