russian for specific purposes

The emphasis is on a cultural aspect: how to negotiate with Russians, how to give a presentation, how to go for a job interview

  • Specific materials that you need: audio, video, texts
  • Homework (only if you want) : oral and written
  • Unlimited correspondence with me between lessons

Russian for Specific Purposes

These lessons are suitable for people who have some specific needs, like a job interview, a presentation, a conference, a negotiation, etc. I can effectively prepare you for any task concerning the Russian language. We concentrate more on language in the context than on grammar and vocabulary structures. During these lessons, we focus on the soft skills you need in order to be successful. You will learn how Russians do these things and be able to finish your task successfully. I promote cultural awareness and seek to improve your intercultural competency.

Russian for specific purposes differs from standard Russian teaching in the fact that a teacher not only has to be proficient in teaching standard Russian, but also must be knowledgeable in the particular task. I understand your unique set of goals and expectations. Lessons are centred on the language appropriate to your task in terms of grammar, lexis, register, study skills, discourse and genre. They are generally designed for intermediate or advanced students.

I come to class well prepared and am able to properly answer all your questions. I use authentic work-specific documents and materials, for instance, video samples.

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