Professional russian Teacher

I can offer you the highest standard of lessons as a professional Russian teacher.


  • PhD in the Russian Language
  • a certified PROFESSOR of Russian as a foreign language
  • a certified examiner

I have 11 years of teaching experience.

My lessons are highly effective. I know in which sequence I should give you materials, which vocabulary you need to learn, which grammar structures you need to use.

My lessons are well balanced. I give you materials in the portions that suit your personal needs. I don’t burden you with the things that are not important for you.


I know specific, content focused strategies

I use different ways to teach


I am an expert in teaching the Russian language

I am organized and possess planning skills, no time is wasted  


I create a supportive and respectful classroom environment

I appreciate diversity and understand that everybody is different


I remain open to new ideas and continue to learn myself

I want to share the things I’ve learnt in my professional development

Take tailor-made Russian lessons online and achieve MORE in less time! 


I conduct myself according to the highest standards, give my best effort during and between lessons, and build relationships based on mutual respect. I know when it is fine to conduct the class more informally, and when to be serious.

I can make complicated subject matter engaging and understandable for you. I rely on the successful experiences I’ve had with my former students, who have already reached their goals.

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