• Prepare for all parts of the exam
  • The pass rate of my students is 100%
  • Materials: demo tests, textbooks, audio, video
  • Homework: oral and written
  • Unlimited correspondence with me between lessons


I can prepare you for various exams: TRKI (A1-C2), the exam for the residence permit (ВНЖ, ПМЖ), the citizenship exam. I am a certified examiner and I know what the form of each of these exams is and how to prepare for them. I have a lot of materials, which will help you build your skills.

Firstly, I will send you a test to see your current level and to assess how much time you need for the preparation. In order to pass the exam, you need to be fully prepared and confident. Not only will I help you with language skills, but with your confidence too.

Language exams are not only about the language itself. It is crucial for you to know how the exam is designed, what types of knowledge are tested, and what the evaluation criteria are. In order to pass the exam, we need to give examiners the very thing that they expect to read and hear from you. As a certified tester, I can definitely help you with all parts of the exam. The preparation is complex. These lessons include exam preparation for speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing. You will feel the real exam atmosphere, so on the day of your exam there will be no surprises, and you will pass the exam.

Passing an exam is a good way of increasing your motivation for learning!

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