Basic Russian Lessons 

Basic Russian lessons will help you to learn Russian basics – how to talk about yourself and your everyday life. We will work on different areas of language.
What do my lessons look like?


  • Pronunciation

Sometimes students cannot pronounce a certain letter. It is not enough that I just pronounce the letter; that’s why I explain the whole physiological process, namely, what the position of the tongue and lips is. After that, I pronounce the letter, and then students repeat after me. They get homework – to record themselves, or I record the audio and they can compare their pronunciation with mine.


  • Russian cases

We start with singular forms of nouns. After that, we learn singular forms of adjectives. When it comes to the meanings of cases, we learn them one by one. We practice together, and only after a student is ready do we learn the next one. When he has a good command of individual meanings, we practice a few of them at the same time. Homework is to put words in cases and vice versa – to put cases in the main form. I record the audio and ask questions. These questions are related to cases, and also vocabulary that we have learned during the lesson. In addition, I write the text because it can be difficult to understand all these forms in the beginning. So, a student can listen and read at the same time.

After we have practiced singular forms, we learn the plural forms in the same way.


  • Russian verbs

I immediately tell a student that there are two forms of verbs – imperfective and perfective. I explain the difference and he learns both forms, but of course we learn how to use these verbs slowly, and practice together.


  • Vocabulary

We learn vocabulary by themes and we repeat new words. We don’t learn a lot of vocabulary at once, but I choose the most relevant words.

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