children’s songs for learning Russian

Check these children’s songs for learning Russian:


Smile – Little Racoon (улыбка – мультфильм Крошка Енот)

This is a very nice song about kindness, friendship and a smile. It is one of the most popular children’s songs.

And you will learn that something can result from a smile, and something can start with a smile.



Song of the Crocodile Gena – Cartoon Cheburashka (песня крокодила Гены – мультфильм Чебурашка)

This is the most popular children’s birthday song. But it is sad because it is only once a year….



Blue wagon – Cartoon Cheburashka (голубой вагон – мультфильм Чебурашка) 

This is a very philosophical song about the speed of life, not really for children … and also sad.



Clouds, white-maned horses – Cartoon Tryam, hello. (облака, белогривые лошадки – мультфильм Трям, здравствуйте.)

The song is about clouds that look like horses. And here it is important to note that in the Russian language there are white clouds, and a song about them, and there are rain clouds … and there are songs about them too, but more about that another time.



The song of a Lion Cub and a Turtle – Cartoon How a Lion Cub and a Turtle Sang a Song (песня львёнка и черепахи – мультфильм Как львёнок и черепаха пели песню)

This is a song about two lazy animals that do nothing and sing a song. Only rest, sun and doing nothing.



Who Comes over in the Morning – Cartoon Winnie the Pooh (кто ходит в гости по утрам –  мультфильм Винни-Пух)

Russian version of Winnie the Pooh, with a very funny teddy bear who constantly sings songs.



Tired Toys Sleep from the cult program Good night, kids! (спят усталые игрушки из культовой передачи Спокойной ночи, малыши!)

This song has been a symbol of magic and sleep for many generations of children. The program Good night, kids! had been starting and ending with it, after which children would go to bed.



A Sow’s Lullaby – Cartoon Umka (колыбельная медведицы – мультфильм Умка)

This is a lullaby for a white bear cub Umka, who lives in the North, where there is much snow and many bears. 


I hope you and your kids will like these children’s songs for learning Russian 🙂 

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