Russian Citizenship Exam

Russian Citizenship Exam is needed for obtaining the citizenship of the Russian Federation. 

The exam consists of three parts:

History of Russia
Basics of the Russian law
The Russian language

The level of Russian that you need is A2(+).
Vocabulary and the structure of tasks are often complex. You need to know these structures before the exam because sometimes it is more complex than the level A2.

Grammar you need to know for the Russian Citizenship Exam: cases, adjectives and nouns compatibility, verbs in the past, present and future tense, imperfective and perfective verbs, verbs of motion.

Possible questions for the speaking part are:
– who are you, which country do you come from, what is your name, how old are you; where do you study or work; what are your plans for the future;
– who do you want to become (musician, teacher, journalist, etc.), why do you like that profession;
– who are your parents, what do they do; how do you spend time together with your family;
– do you have brothers, sisters, what are their names, how old are they, where do they study
or work; who do they look like, what is their character, do they have a hobby;
– who are your friends, what are their names, how old are they, what do they do
– where do you live, in which city, what is your address; does your family have a house or
an apartment, what does it look like;
– what is the name of your city, where is it located; what is the central street or square called;
– what interesting places are there in your city (museums, monuments, parks, etc.), what do you advise tourists to see; what kind of problems are there in your city;
– where is the cinema, stadium, post office, bank, bus stop, airport; what is the address; how to get there, which transport do you need to use, how much time do you need to get there, how is the bus stop called, etc.; how can you buy a bus ticket or a tram ticket;
– what day is it today (day of the week, month); what time is it; which season do you like most and why;
– when were you born (day, month, year, season), how do you usually celebrate your birthday;
– what is the weather like today (yesterday), what is the temperature; what was the weather like last summer;
– when will you have holidays, when is your birthday (exam, holidays, etc.); how long will the holidays last;
– what are your plans for the weekend; when do you want to go to the cinema, friend’s birthday party, football game; why don’t you want to go somewhere
– where have you been, where do you usually rest, when and where do you do sports;
– do you like to travel, what cities and countries have you already seen;
– how are you, how do you feel
– which foreign languages ​​do you know, which foreign languages are you learning now; why do you learn this language; how should one learn a language effectively
– what is your level in Russian, for how many years have you been learning a foreign language, was it difficult or easy for you to learn it
– why did you decide to study Russian; how often do you speak Russian;
– how much time do you devote to Russian, do you do your homework
– where did you go or you want to go
– what did you do on Saturday (yesterday, in the morning, etc.);
– do you like excursions, theaters, museums;
– do you like watching TV, what programs do you like;
– why are you late for class, work, cinema, etc.
– what do you like to do in your free time, who do you usually spend your free time with;
– which sports do you like, do you know how to ride a bicycle, to ski
– what do you like to photograph, do you have a lot of photos, albums;
– what is your hobby, why did you choose this particular hobby; what is the hobby of your acquaintances and friends;
– what did you buy in the shop (what products, clothes, etc.) at the kiosk (which magazine, newspaper); what gifts do you usually give to your friends;
– who are you waiting for (who did you see, meet in the park, outside);
– who did you recently meet, who are they;
– do you like hanging out with your friends
– what kind of music do you like, what is your favorite group;
– who is your favorite singer, writer or actor;
– what do you want to give to a friend (brother, sister) for his/her birthday, do you like gifts
– what film have you watched, what is your favorite film,
– why did you like it; do you often go to the cinema
– how much does a ticket cost (cinema, football game, tram, bus).

I can help you prepare for all parts of the exam. Contact me 🙂

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