The majority of my students want to improve Russian speaking skills.

One of the things that I do to help you with achieving fluency is oral homework, recorded by you. It means that you record yourself talking, and after that, you send me the audio.


Tasks can be various, depending on your level and goals, as well as how fast you want to progress. 

  • Beginners

Your task is in a form of questions. You need to answer them and record your answers. Questions are based on materials that we have covered during the lesson. Your recording is about 30 seconds – 1 minute long. 

  • Higher levels

You record audio about some topic, which we have discussed during the lesson. It is vital that you have an additional opportunity to study again the vocabulary and grammar that we have covered during the lesson. Another type of this task is recording your opinion or what you have understood about an article or a video clip. The aim is the same – to revise Russian grammar and vocabulary, and to practice speaking.


I correct your mistakes between our lessons. Corrections can be written or recorded. For lower levels, I give you both a text and a sound recording, while for higher levels it is usually just a sound recording. In this way, you can see your mistakes and hear the correct form.

This is important for your improvement because you can practise speaking in Russian in a comfortable way. You can record yourself again if you are not satisfied, as many times as you want. In addition, you can hear yourself, and that can help you get used to your voice in Russian. Moreover, you can hear my correct form and compare it with your recording. Oral homework is really helpful, not just for improving your speaking, but also grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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