One-to-one Russian lessons

One-to-one Russian lessons are great for those who want to have a teacher who is fully devoted to them.

Group lessons are not as effective as individual lessons. When learning in a group, you will not get individual attention because a teacher is focused on all students. He has a program and he follows it, without paying attention to individual progress of a student. He needs to finish the program and the pace can be too fast or too slow for some of the students.

On the other hand, when you have individual Russian lessons, the pace is adjusted to you. I am a professional Russian teacher and know how to adapt to you. You can learn quickly, if you need to, or slowly if you want to learn in a more relaxed way. For example, You can have a full TRKI preparation and pass the exam with flying colours 🙂

The other important benefit of individual lessons is postponing the lesson in case of illness. If you have an unpredictable work schedule, with individual lessons you will have flexibility you need. You can schedule lessons according to your timetable.
Materials are individually chosen for you. A teacher chooses video clips and texts that are interesting to you, which helps you to remember words more easily, as personal associations are a powerful tool for memorizing vocabulary.

As the majority of people learn Russian in order to communicate, I want to emphasise that you definitely speak more during individual lessons.

One-to-one Russian lessons are intensive, you work all the time, but you improve much faster. And that is what matters, right? We are both orientated to your progress and success, and we work together towards the same aim – your personal goal that you want to achieve in Russian.

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