The best Russian serials for learning Russian

The best Russian serials for learning Russian – enjoy & learn 🙂

  • Kitchen

interesting russian tv shows

A light serial about the everyday life of an elite restaurant in Moscow. Lots of colloquial phrases and slang. One of the most expensive modern TV shows.

  • Hotel Eleon

funny russian serials

Continuation of ‘Kitchen’, but about the work of an expensive hotel. Funny situations and cheerful dialogues. The quality of filming is again on top.

  • Interns

russian series

The Russian analogue of the American TV show Clinic. I must say that it is difficult to understand it; the Russian specificity of life has greatly changed the American plot.

  • Father’s Daughters

tv shows in russian

A kind serial about a single father with many children, who works as a psychotherapist. The serial was one of the most successful on Russian TV and received many awards.

  • Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone

tv serials in russian

A Russian TV show about Chernobyl, but it is not based on real events. Mysticism and return to the past are its main components.

  • Another Side of the Moon

learn russian tv shows

Another very liberal adaptation of a foreign TV show; this time, it is the British TV show Life on Mars. Here, there is mysticism and time loops too.

  • Bloody Lady

russian scary tv show

The name of the serial is very suitable; the serial is really bloody and cruel, I do not advise sensitive people to watch! Unfortunately, it is based on real historical events.

  • Ekaterina

good serials in russian

Many films and serials were shot about Ekaterina 2, this is one of the last ones. It is suitable for learning Russian because the dialogues are not complicated, and short.

Find out which interesting Russian films are good for learning Russian as a foreign language.

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