Short explanations of Russian grammar

Why is it better to give short explanations of Russian grammar than to explain a particular grammar structure for 20 minutes?

When you see a structure for the first time, you may be confused. Maybe you don’t have it in your mother tongue. Maybe it looks complicated and difficult. However, there is no need to worry. I know how to teach effectively and interestingly.

Short explanations are really beneficial for improving your Russian. On the contrary, a long explanation is not a very involving teaching method; you may switch off or misunderstand. Although you may think that it is useful because a large area of material is covered, the fact that you got a thorough explanation doesn’t mean you have really understood or been able to use it correctly.

That’s why these kind of explanations of Russian grammar can help you to understand the particular grammar structure more easily. In order to provide you with the most effective speaking practice of specific language points, I use carefully designed activities that focus on new grammar or vocabulary. You do not waste your time and you can immediately start practising.

The real learning experience is when you try to use the language yourself. You need to use it in sentences and check if you have internalised the concept.

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